Holy Thursday

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Holy Thursday morning,  I went to Savarino’s to recharge my  Internet chiavetta and found  Nino Savarino working on his choreography for the Solemn High Mass .

Studying choreography for Holy Thursday's Solemn HIgh Mass.

Studying choreography for Holy Thursday’s Solemn HIgh Mass.

 Later that day,  as I was sitting in the Chiesa Madre,  I counted  just 10 apostles, and then Father came up  to the woman next to me and whispered,   “We need two more boys…” She left, presumably drafting the two young men I saw 5 minutes later,  running toward  the altar carrying  apostle robes.

Processing up the aisle in this video: Nino holding the missal,   the priest wearing  his Thomas Merton wool cap .

Below the video: Leaving church last  night, I ran into the crew setting up a stage for “The Condemnation of Jesus ” station of the Good Friday experience here.  As I’m writing this, I’m just in from walking the 2.5-hr “Sacra Rappresentazione Vivente,”  and still trying to wrap my head around the experience, uncertain how one  writes  about such an amazing assault on the senses.



Cianciana Webcams


The Webcams  capture sites and sights just around the corner and down the street from Elizabeth’s studio (MacFlip4 required).

It’s been pouring for an hour, and either neighbors are slamming their doors in unison, or it’s thundering, too. Absent Kare 11 TV Weather,   I flipped on the village’s webcams to see if it were worth going out.  I found my answer: YES, but  I can expect my  umbrella to be whipped inside out.

The Cameras capture sites and sights just around the corner and down the street ( Flip4Mac may be required).

Anyhow, today is a far cry from recent days — (gallery below is a random sample from those  sunnier moments!)

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