If This is October

…we must be headed to Omaha.

First, though, a stay-over in Howard Lake: Auggie, May, and by herself, Queen Evelyn.
I love the the crosses on their backs.

Many summers, my mother and I made drives like this, from Iowa to Nebraska, saw fields and farms like this. Tom drove us — past farmland you forget about when you’re somewhere else. This field is somewhere near Sioux City (or Salix or Sergeant Bluff, or Winnebago). I look at it as I’m writing this a month later in St Paul and think of ancestors who knew land like this so well.

The Great Midwest Plains.

Omaha’s Old Market never disappoints.

On cue, the seagulls appeared as the blessing began.

St Francis of Assisi would be pleased — thanks, Tom, THANK YOU, BROTHER WILLIAM!