Everybody told me I couldn’t not visit Sacrada Familia. Elizabeth had spent much of last summer in the city, so she’d been around the outside, which itself has stories to tell. This time, she went along inside with me.

Inside and out, it has a dreamlike quality that Gaudí surely intended.

Exterior –

Eastern facade: Nativity


For me, the other great adventure in Barcelona was visiting the studio where Elizabeth worked, learned, and produced her prints last summer.

The 3 of them visited in 2, occasionally 3, languages. Ask me about the evening we visited — in its own way, a dream.

E. With her 2 mentors — in one of the (many) rooms in the studio.

Boston/Worcester Before All

Joey, 6 months, who doesn’t appear in the photos, had his first real sickness over Christmas. Caught by an alert daycare provider,the wheezing eventually subsided (nebulizer, you have to love it), and by all accounts,he’s now nearly fully recovered.

Seeing the “Nutcracker” was a dream — for Mary, for me – thanks to Megan. They posed beforehand with two of the dancers.

Uncle Tom’s gift of Indiana Jones – his dog’s look alike – was another dream for MIB. This Indy is probably as close as she’ll get to a pet at this point, but who knows?

Santa or somebody else gave Seamus and Mary nerf guns for Christmas. I may have reservations, yet as is evidenced above, these two are now a regular Bonnie & Clyde poster.

Oksana, great friend from Athens, made the trip from Boston to Worcester.