Good-bye to the Old Year — in a Very Old Town

Kouraabiedes, kataifi, galaktoboureko, karydopita, melomakarona, etc, etc, (spelling often a guess here)
Oh, and baklava,
Jeanne and I have tried…[quite] a few!

EVERYONE was in the square today…

Great getting to know, in the flesh,  my video-chat tutee. Sawsan — isn’t she wonderful? img_0140



“Consciously or not, what we travelers are seeking nearly every time we board a plane is the feeling of foreignness. We travel for the thrilling (and sometimes uncomfortable) disorientation of losing ourselves in a new culture where things look, taste, and sound different, and to understand ourselves freed from all of our familiar constructs.”
— Pilar Guzman, Jan-Feb ’18 Traveler Magazine

This might be another reason we travel:

And so is this – somehow,  I’ve hung on to this card from a little restaurant a gentle walk from the Acropolis: To Kati Anno. Sideways or not, it could be fun to revisit it, looking at things from a different angle.

MUCH and many to  MISS in Minnesota, it’s true…



BUT IT’S TIME TO GET CRACKING!(I mean, of course, packing).

CHRISTMAS – new country, new town!