“Consciously or not, what we travelers are seeking nearly every time we board a plane is the feeling of foreignness. We travel for the thrilling (and sometimes uncomfortable) disorientation of losing ourselves in a new culture where things look, taste, and sound different, and to understand ourselves freed from all of our familiar constructs.”
— Pilar Guzman, Jan-Feb ’18 Traveler Magazine

This might be another reason we travel:

And so is this – somehow,  I’ve hung on to this card from a little restaurant a gentle walk from the Acropolis: To Kati Anno. Sideways or not, it could be fun to revisit it, looking at things from a different angle.

MUCH and many to  MISS in Minnesota, it’s true…



BUT IT’S TIME TO GET CRACKING!(I mean, of course, packing).

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  1. Mary Neuman
    Jan 04, 2018 @ 15:03:56

    So good to hear from you in the New Year, MEB! I can vicariously enjoy the world in which you’re traveling. Let’s visit after you return from those beautiful travels so I can see ALL the places you saw! May this new year bring you many more of God’s Blessings! Take care and know, my good friend, that you’re in my thoughts and prayers!



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