Happy New Year (+ What about these Wats?)

New Year’s Greetings from Chiang Mai, where it’s already another year, and where lanterns in the sky during the day and  night marked the transition to 2015!

I’ve met some of the children from the Northern School for the Blind – and their lovely teacher/my connection to the school. We met at a festival surrounding a wat – a temple – on the other side of town, where the students were selling crafts they’d made. I took no photos of them and their wares, because it just felt intrusive on a first meeting,  but I did get a chance to observe them, and how they interact with one another. They are all just kids (k-12), so unlike our Vision Loss Resources clients,  have a different relationship with one another, and with their teachers; in any case, that’s my first impression. I’ll have a month to see what’s what.

I visit Wat Dok Eung every day — a good place to sit for meditation, and brilliant; also,  it’s out of the heat and far away from other westerners! I’ve been to Sacred Heart Cathedral, and I’ll go again, but the larger-than-lifesize Santa Claus putting ornaments,  on an even larger Evergreen, wasn’t as compelling as what I have at  Dok Eung

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