Back to Bless School

Despite showing me at my less-than-attractive best, I think this short video catches the spirit of the day: some slightly bemused (ME), ever gracious (them):

Instead of teaching students in random classes, I asked this year to work exclusively with the teachers, 12 young women from nearby villages. They teach children, also from surrounding villages, who are between 3 and 10 years. I decided to teach them some Poetry (my term!) -writing. Mostly, we did Formulaic, or Pattern Poems: acrostic, catalogue (saving ourselves for the Cinquain and the Haiku…maybe next year). Image We posed with Senthil, Director of Bless School. Ananda Ashram supports the school, and Senthil also oversees day-to-day (and month-to-month, in terms of finances) life at the ashram. He has more than once come patiently to my rescue: innumerable bus,taxi, and Inter-India plane Q&A sessions;nearly-instant cell phone re-charging: 500 Rupees, about $9.00, gets me through nearly a month; expert slip-bolt repair: one night during the pitch black of an electrical cut,I somehow slipped out the bolt,irreparably, it seemed to me. That was the night I used duct tape on my hut door (against those night critters).

Relieved to be shaded from the mid-morning sun, we got to work right away in the outdoor classroom.


If laughing with (at?) the teacher is a gauge of success, we had some!

Someone snapped this photo of one of our finished products…

And after a morning of class, lunch!

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