25 April: FESTA

Something is going on today that I’ve heard variously referred to as an all-Italy holiday and a communists-only celebration.

For us, it translate as NO SCHOOL. Our neighborhood greengrocer is closed, as is our neighborhood puts-Walgreens-to-shame shop (it’s where we get toilet paper and wash cloths, and where I’ve seen L’Occitane products and fabric softener; I know it is water softener, b/c he first time I did a load of washing, I used it — clothes smell great [are they clean? si et non]).

With everything on/near the block closed, we made another trip to the local supermarto, Conad. We’re preparing for the happy hour we are hosting tonight after the Siena-Bologna soccer game: Spritz- Prosecco + Aperol – accompanied by lots of Focaccia sliced into tiny sandwiches of mozzarella, basil, and tomato. We’re offering other salty things, and a local cheese covered with onion jam (a gift from head of school, Mauro, on my birthday) – from the day we went to Montepulciano. It contains a vino nobile.


If you look out the window in the wine section, you see a fine metaphor:
everything may look like junk up close, but if you take the longer view…

shops at Conad: waiting in line, wondering if all the Prosecco and all the bruschetta-makings and all the cheese will fit into our 2 backpacks…

I did say EVERYbody, didn’t I?

On the way home, we ran into the City Band of Siena, marching to Piazza Salimbeni, where they played for 30 minutes…

Best way to see hear the music:

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