Under the Indian Sun: Some [of the many] Lessons in PERSPECTIVE

After a visit to the Red Fort, and then to the Lahore Gate - the stuff of history - I visited Rajghat. Knowing that Barack and Michelle Obama would be pleased, but also wanting to pay homage to Mahatma Gandhi myself, I headed towards this simple platform, where he was cremated, and where some others were already filing past the guard and the eternal flame, paying respect.

Then suddenly, and for reasons as yet unclear, a uniformed guard informed us that the park was about to close. After a 15-minute look around, my guide took me down some stairs and into what looked to me like a park, but was actually a CAR park. And as I glanced up…


Republic Day Celebrations, which had begun a few days ago after Mass at Shantivanam with the hoisting of the small white-orange-green flag up a swaying bamboo pole, were ending here in Delhi. The Uniforms were preparing for a military parade in Rajghat, and I won’t even begin to comment on the irony, both of that sort of parade, and that sort of squad, near Gandhi’s grave, except to recall that Our Theme is PERSPECTIVE

Doesn’t it look as if I’m taking in the side angle of Humayun’s Tomb?

The truth is, I'm catching my breath after the trek up those steep stairs to the terrace.

Sometimes, it helps to get Up Close and Personal:

I’m checking out the restoration work on the Qutab Minar. At over 70m high, it is the world’s largest minaret. Or is it the world’s largest brick minaret (or does it matter)?

And finally, of course…you knew this was coming…DISTANCE!

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  1. AEB
    Jan 31, 2011 @ 17:39:42

    I am looking forward to seeing all your witty and pithy commentary and your photos IN A BOOK, and I would like a copy of said book if possible.




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