Old Delhi: rabbit-warren of medieval streets and alleys

This Rickshawalla took me through the narrow, winding streets ("crowded" does not begin to cover it) He could show Lance Armstrong a few moves, especially when it comes to elbowing-out the competition. He looks fragile. Trust me, he is not fragile.

Look up, see how little sunlight, how many wires.

Shopowners are not the only upstairs inhabitants

The shops in this area specialize
in wedding accessories, from henna for the bride's hands, through sequins and beads and silk, to... sweets!

I did say "CHAOTIC"? It may simply be be my Western Eyes. In fact, I am beginning to think much of what I sense, opinions I'm forming here, are the result of my American-centricity. Inevitable, I realize, but I really do see how startlingly Other I am.

Always, of course, there is this

...and this!

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