Another Ashram

A note: I’m writing this from a delightful hotel in Delhi, a hotel that still reminds me where I am: when I got up @ 5 this morning and turned on my lights, no lights; when @ 6am I turned on the flatscreen t.v., no channels but the game channel [TJB, where ARE you?]; when I requested coffee, “black”, at breakfast, it arrived with the sugar already added [you know me, you know I do not do sugar.
So, this is by way of introduction to this post, which I thought would be a quickly done add-on about a morning’s adventure a couple days ago when I was still in Tamil Nadu, still in the south, still on what had come to feel like terra firma.
But the computer is an Acer (Elizabeth is nodding her head; so is Barb J): handy, freely offered for room use, a great convenience, really…but the connection? Like molasses. In January, and that would be January in Minnesota.
Last night, unaware, yet, of speed issues, I loaded 50 photos onto the Acer Desktop, but could not get them onto Picassa (Note to self…This means there are Speed Issues). This morning I again requested the Acer. The Front Desk Manager, who is George Clooney-only-more-so-b/c-of -his- maroon -turban told me he had erased the photos from the Desktop for me. How nice. THIS, of course, must have been why I had forgotten to delete them all when I finished last night’s upload. So — long story short: I have much to say, but will, instead, let 2 photos speak the 2k words for me this morning, as I am off for a day’s sightseeing in New Delhi, beginning with Humayan’s Tomb, which I really hope I like, because then perhaps I’ll learn how to spell it, and ending with…you will not believe it…”The Great Adventure of an Autorickshaw Ride through the Streets of Delhi” YES. Yes, that’s what the printout says, that’s what last night’s tour guide (as opposed to the Driver) told me as he checked me into the hotel, and that’s what I said “Oh, sure, why not?” to…

During my visit to another ashram – Hindu, all women – I learned a number of thiings, among the more publishable ones, if still necessarily cryptic in (printed) expression: I am not Hindu; the ashram, which oversees about 100 young girls, is well-supported (is this why they not only gave permission, but in fact encouraged photography, even during puja?

Meditation Hall in this rare place: an all-woman ashram

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