Life and People: Ananda Ashram, Kulithalai village

I can walk to Thannirpalli, but the trip to Kulithalai requires an autorickshaw. Here is my conversation with the “auto” driver these days:
ME: Hello, Jeeva?
Jeeva: Yes, Shantivanam? What time?
ME: Well, I was thinking, I mean…maybe sometime this morning, say…
Jeeva: I come now?
ME: Right. Sure. Yes. Thank you. I’ll be at the gate.
Jeeva: [click]

I could tell you stories...and sometime, I will: the place would not function w/o these two.

This morning's Breakfast Crew. The MIA's *drank the water* if you know what I mean.

In case you fail to read it in my face:"There is nothing quite like that sweet milk and powdered coffee."

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