Learning Curve, Revisited

I was about to leave the Internet shop, when I noticed I wasn’t wearing shoes! I will manage, even if I go outside and find my shoes (Croc fliip-flops) are gone! But they won’t be.

However, one thing I can’t leave w/o doing is this: I re-read the initial posting and realized I’d somehow left the cursor in odd places, and so mis-editing made much of that earlier post unreadable. SO – if you are a subscriber, instead of reading the post which comes to you via email, which is pretty much gibberish, you need to go to the actual blog: mebtravelling.com.
I could have copied/pasted, but this Samsung syncMaster 753s doesn’t like me, and so would undoubtedly scramble everything even more.
I’ll figure out how to “Save Draft” tomorrow, but until then, thanks for your patience (again, this is only a problem for Subscribers). –MEB

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  1. mebtravelling - US to India & Back
    Dec 26, 2010 @ 17:47:27

    Yes! Yes, it is. I may have to add yet another post clarifying my last clarification, OMG, thanks, A.



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